Medical check-ups are the most important sub-processes involved in buying health insurance policy. Leading health and insurance companies in India require most prospects to undergo a medical check-up, before the policy proposal acceptance and cover grant. H3U is a preferred provider to such processes and has established best practices for pre-policy full health check up management. We also manage a dedicated team for appointment scheduling with client and service provider along with end to end support, thereby ensuring a high quality delivery, conversion and closure.

Why Choose H3U?

Communication of health check up scheduling
to proposer, insurer, agent and any other stake
holders as defined

Online/call centre booking mechanisms with full report of call summary

Reminder services where the proposer is reminded of health check, ups a day in

Network of 5000+ top diagnostic centres pan India

100% confidentiality of the reports as per the protocols of the insurer

Auto upload of report online to track progress with access only to the insurer

Tailor made packages for pre-policy check-ups as per insurer requirements

Availability of report commentary in case required

Flexible pay options at preferred rates

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