If you have a need, we have a healthcare solution
H3U is a platform that enables you to connect with a host of wellness services and products. We offer each individual user a customised solution as per their specific profile and needs.
Our vision is to truly add value through a rich experience by arranging the right healthcare partners keeping in mind the accessibility and negotiating the most affordable deals for all users across the country. We have specific solutions for individuals as well as groups with complete tracking programs for special health conditions.

Blending in technology to touch lives
H3U enables healthcare access through its complex technology platform served through an extremely simple interface to enable access to quality healthcare with great ease. H3U promises to be your most faithful and trust worthy health and wellness partner.


The times are changing.
We need to be more concerned about our being and self.

Wellness matters
Because everything you do and every emotion you feel relates to your well-being. In turn, your well-being directly affects your actions and emotions. When your wellness is heightened, so is your productivity and inner peace. The overall sense of wellness decreases the chances of illness and allows for a happier environment.

Medical science in today’s time has advanced to levels that make most conditions curable or manageable. One of the key things that have emerged from this recent evolution is preventive medicine. Diagnosis and prognosis of a medical situation can aide in overall health and well-being of an individual. A state of wellness ensures a sound body both physically and mentally reinforcing the age old adage of “prevention is better than cure”.
There might not be a one-shot formula to wellness, but at H3U we ensure that we deploy all measures to ensure the safety of your health.


Our goal is to make quality health services, accessible for all.





Vipul MedCare has been the pioneer in recognizing the need of wellness and happy living in the Indian markets. With the help of the discussions with clients, Vipul has matured its wellness offerings after doing rigorous pilot testing. These offerings range from online health services like Second Medical Opinions, health check-up bookings to Health Discount Cards, customised health check up packages and lots more.