Me and my Baby at 35th week

"Till this time you wondered and wondered, who is this person coming, growing, turning, floating, swimming deep, deep inside. Soon there will be end of this serene period, when your baby will lie on your chest wrapped in a warm towel."

We are glad to share some relevant pregnancy information with you!! 


  • Fully developed lungs of the baby now ensures that breathing will be normal after it comes outside.
  • To keep the skin warm in the outside environment, fat deposits are still building underneath its skin.
  • Baby has almost stopped moving at all as there is no space left for it to move because of its increasing size.
  • The movements which are made now are very strong and forceful.
  • Being in head-first position, the baby's head will rest on the mother's pubic bone in preparation for labor. 


  • The uterus has raised up to 6 inches above your navel as you have gained 24-29 pounds by this week.
  • If shortness of breath persists, then it is because of the uterus is just underneath your rib cage.
  • Baby starts to droop when the period of pregnancy is coming to an end, also called lightening.
  • The baby starts settling deeper in your pelvis, relieving your diaphragm from the pressure, resulting in no shortness of breath.
  • You will be frequently urinating because of lightening, as it increases pressure on bladder. 

Tip of the Week:

  • Are you ready for the baby?
  • Have you made lists of essentials to be carried to the hospital?
  • Keep yourself updated about everything from immunizations to policies for scheduling and canceling appointments, etc.
  • Have you decided about the pediatrician for your baby? Talk to your gynecologist/obstetrician, family/friends about it.
  • Learn about the vaccination details.

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