Me and my Baby at 36th week

"Soon you are going to have, a little baby in tow. Not just one reason of joy, you will have many in row. Soon you will have many, reasons to celebrate. Only for few days, you will now have to wait."

We are glad to share some relevant pregnancy information with you!! 

Baby :

  • 20.7 measured and 6 pounds weighed plump baby has come a long way from being a wrinkly, tiny fetus which you may have seen on earlier ultrasounds.
  • The baby's full face is because of the powerful sucking muscles and fat on its cheeks.
  • The baby descends in your lower abdomen with a head down position.
  • Rapid development of brain and practice of blinking by the baby continues.
  • During delivery the head of the baby has to pass through narrow birth canal, so the skull bones overlap each other for easy passage of head. (This is known as Molding).
  • At birth, the baby's head can be disfigured, which will automatically come to a rounded shape, after some hours.


  • Uterus goes on increasing and shifting more under your ribs.
  • Weekly appointments with the doctors are mandatory now.
  • Discomfort has become the part of your pregnancy by now, as days pass.

Tip of the Week: 

  • Make extra food items to keep for days to come. 

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