Me and my Baby at 37th week

A few months more, for you to be a mum, the role at which we bet, you will be awesome.
Just some more time, for your husband to be a dad, at playing out this role, surely he won’t be bad.
In a bit you both will become a lovely family.

We are glad to share some relevant pregnancy information with you !! 


  • 21 inches and 6.5 pound baby is inside you, waiting to come in your world!
  • Boys are heavier than girls at birth.
  • With time, the baby is growing to be rounder, with pinkier and less wrinkled skin.
  • Baby will position his/her head down towards your pelvis for birth.
  • If head of the baby has not turned towards your pelvis, consult your doctor for various medical and natural techniques to get the head down position of the baby.


  • Even if your uterus remains the same size, your weight will increase upto 25 to 35 pounds.
  • To check the progress of your pregnancy, pelvic examination will be conducted by your doctor.
  • Mucous plug which is -thick, yellowish/ brownish/ tinged with blood and which had been sealing your cervix, may get leaked. (This is called Bloody Show). Mucous plug can be leaked a few weeks, days, or hours before labor. It discharges when cervix dilates in preparation for the labor. You must talk to your doctor as soon as this happens.

 Tip of the Week:

  • Get yourself prepared with two bags packed separately for yourself and your baby.
  • Your bag may include- your maternity file, a comfortable robe for delivery, sanitary napkins, bathroom slippers, socks, a head scarf, sets of extra clothing, toiletries etc.
  • Your baby's bag may include- baby suits, diapers, cap, mittens, nail clippers, blanket, rear facing car seat (which will be required to bring home the baby in your car) etc. 

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