Me and my Baby at 7th week

"The craziest roller coaster ride in the world is not at Disneyland or Universal Studios, it is the nine months of pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy the twists and turns of your pregnancy."

As your pregnancy is propagating successfully, we are glad to share some relevant information which will give you a clear biological picture of your pregnancy status.

Mom To Be:

  • By now you are feeling the changes in your body however you are still not showing. The morning sickness may still be persisting.

Baby :

  • By now the umbilical cord has formed.
  • It is a channel with dual action- it will transport Oxygen and nourishment into your baby and take away waste products from your baby's body. It exists throughout the pregnancy.
  • The limb buds have appeared now and will be developed into hands & feet.
  • The following parts continue to grow: : heart, lungs, intestines, appendix, brain, spinal cord, nostrils, mouth, and eyes.


  • It is suggested to not let your stomach get completely empty and therefore you must always carry some snacks with you .
  • Eat small frequent meals and to prevent a drop in blood sugar, eat some protein (eg. add cheese to crackers)
  • Following Blood tests must be done : Hb, RBC, TLC, DLC, Platelet Count, MCV, MCH, ABO, Rh factor, HbSAg, Blood Sugar, VDRL, Thyroid profile, Urine-regular and microscopic. If required, TORCH test for various infections like Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, HIV etc.


Hepatitis A, B, etc. if not taken before.


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