Me and my Baby at 8th week

"You will now have to eat for two people, drink for two people, breathe for two people and think for two people. Get ready to do everything in life on the double."

As you have stepped into pregnancy successfully, we are glad to share some relevant information which will give you a clear biological picture of your pregnancy status.

Mom To Be:

  • Pumping of your heart will increase to 50% per minute with the increase in blood volume for your baby.
  • Have you become moody and do not like certain smells? Do not worry.
  • Do you feel pukish every time, and vomit frequently? Don't worry. Take medicines as prescribed by your doctor. 

Baby :

  • 8th  week is the important week of baby's growth.
  • The eyes of the fetus will be conspicuous as the colourant in the retina will be developing. There is conformation of ears and eyelid of the fetus.
  • The fingers & toes of the fetus are webbed, so fetus can even swim in the womb.
  • By now, the fetus genital buds will start appearing.
  • Till 12th week the intestines of fetus will increase and there is not enough space in the fetus abdomen, therefore it gets extended into the umbilical cord.


  • Mother should start wearing supportive bra, which will give good support to the breast during pregnancy and also prevent from sagging.
  • Take milk at least two times.
  • Requirement of calcium, protein, iron and multivitamins is increasing. So take nutritious diet and supplements as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Increase intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Avoid travelling now as most miscarriages happen in this period.

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