Right Nutrition

Right Nutrition for the child

  • To build muscle mass of the child we must not only focus on feeding a lot of food (which will increase on fat content of the body), but make sure that the kid also plays, dance and exercise a lot. Encourage them to walk/run/cycle to school.
  • We have more of rice and wheat in the food. We must encourage the child to take more of dals (legumes) and vegetables
  • As per Nutrition monitoring bureau majority of kids are malnourished. Weak kids get 25% less proteins, 25% less carbohydrates or energy and 90% less oil, needed to make hormones, vitamin D, cell wall of all cells etc.
  • Increase oil seed intake such as soya beans – which can be roasted and made into flour and the flour can be added to every feed, also add oil to feeds.
  • WHO says that in most of the developing countries like India people are deficient in 5 micro nutrients – iron, folic acid, B12, vitamin D and Iodine. Iodine is now taken care of in our country as we have started adding it to salt.
  • Increase your intake of other nutrients. Iron can be taken care of by cooking in iron vessels, folic acid by eating lot of leafy vegetables and Vitamin D by right exposure to sun light.
  • Milk has some B12, curd has more of it.

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