Salt enhances the flavor of foods and provides a nutrient, sodium which along with potassium, is necessary to maintain a good water balance in the body but, too much of it in the diet, leads to high blood pressure. There are many different types of salt available, but the most common is the table salt which is a combination of sodium and chloride. 1 gram of salt=400mg sodium and 600mg chloride. The recommended dietary allowance for salt is no more than 6g/day.

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Q1. How many slices of bread / toast/ rolls do you eat on an average per day?

1 slice= 30 gm eg: white/brown/wholemeal bread, white/brown rolls, bagels, crossiants, buns

Q2. How many portions of breakfast cereal do you eat on an average per day?

1 portion = 30g/bowl eg: All bran, Bran Flakes, Corn Flakes,Muesli, Porridge, Puffed Rice, Shredded wheat, Rice Crispies, Special K, Sultana Bran


Q3. How many portions of processed or cured meat do you eat on average per day?

1 portion is 1 oz =28 gm eg: Ham, sausages, salami, sausage rolls, luncheon meat

Q4. How often do you eat fresh meat?

3 pieces or 3 oz eg: minced meat, chicken, duck

Q5. How often do you eat fresh Fish?

3 pieces or 3 oz eg: Tuna, basa, salmon, roe

Q6. How many portions of cheese do you eat on average per day?

average serving 30g = matchbox size eg: Cheddar,white,mozarella,camambert, goat's cheese,feta,cream cheese

Q7. How many dairy products (excluding cheese) do you eat, drink or cook with on average per day?

eg: Milk, dried milk, yogurt, yogurt drink, dairy desserts, fresh cream

Q8. How many portions of fat-based spread do you use on an average per day?

1 portion = 2 teaspoons eg: Butter, butter spread, margarine, nutralite, table spread


Q9. How many portions of canned baked beans or spaghetti with tomato sauce?

1 portion - 1 tablespoon eg: Baked beans in tomato sauce, canned pasta with tomato sauce, spaghetti

Q10. How often do you eat ready made soup or cook soup yourself using bouillon or veg / non-veg stock?

1 portion = 1 medium size bowl eg: canned soups, package/pouch, fish soup, instant soup

Q11. How much sauce do you use in your meals?

1 portion = 1 tablespoon eg: gravy, curry, paste sauce, sweet and sour, onion sauce, ketchup, soy sauce, mayonnaise, salad


Q12. How many portions of savoury/namkeen snacks do you eat on an average?

1 portion= 30 gm eg: Crisp corn snacks,salted nuts, savoury biscuits, cream crackers, breadsticks, tortilla chips

Q13. How often do you eat cakes, pastries, biscuits and other sweet snacks on an average per week?

1 portion = 1 slice of cake / 1 pastry / 2 biscuits eg: pastry, pancakes, teacakes,fruit pie, custard, carrot cake, fruit cake, digestive biscuits

Q14. How often do you eat ready meals in a day?

eg: lasagne,pie,pastry,curries

Q15. How often do you eat fast food and take-away meals per day?

eg: burger, pizza, fried rice, spring rolls, sweet and sour dishes, kebeb, samosa, savory snacks


Q16. How much salt do you add on average, per person, when cooking a meal?

Q17. How much salt do you add to your food at the table?

eg: a pinch of salt on boiled egg/on other dishes